Forensics and Incident Handling, LIVE VIRTUAL

termin_icon Prvi termin: 10.6 - 14.6
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duration_icon Trajanje (dni) 5
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Oznaka tečaja: CQURE-FOR

About this course:

Forensics and Incident Handling are constantly evolving and crucial topics in the area of cybersecurity. In order to stay on top of the attackers, the knowledge of Individuals and Teams responsible for collecting digital evidences and handling the incidents has to be constantly enhanced and updated. This advanced training provides skills necessary to find, collect and preserve data in a correct manner, analyze it and get to know as much about the incident as possible. This is an intense hands-on course covering the general approach to forensics and incident handling, network forensics, important aspects of Windows internals, memory and storage analysis, detecting indicators of compromise and a proper way of reporting.

Target audience:

IT professionals, Forensics and Incident Handling Specialists, Security Consultants, Enterprise Administrators, Infrastructure Architects, Security Professionals, Systems Engineers, Network Administrators and other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Incident Handling
  • Module 2: Securing Monitoring Operations
  • Module 3: Network Forensics and Monitoring
  • Module 4: Windows Internals
  • Module 5: Memory Dumping and Analysis
  • Module 6: Indicators of compromise
  • Module 7: Storage Acquisition and Analysis
  • Module 8: Reporting – Digital Evidence

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