JavaScript, Typescript, Angular2, and Cross Platform dev​


Po-konferenčna SPD delavnica s Sahilom Malikom

Po-konferenčna delavnica JavaScript, Typescript, Angular2, and Cross Platform dev

Predavatelj: Sahil MALIK

Write once, run everywhere – is finally possible. Enterprises faced with the challenge of multiple platforms, are struggling to move their classical Microsoft development skills into a cross platform world, and the simplest bridge there is JavaScript. JavaScript has made write once and run everywhere. But it is not trivial, and there is plenty to learn before you can be productive. 

This course introduces you to Visual Studio Code and NPM based development, followed by advanced JavaScript. Once you master JavaScript, we move on to TypeScript. With a mastery on Typescript, we learn Angular2 using Typescript. And with the knowledge of Angular2, we learn writing, debugging and maintaining Cordova and Electron apps using TypeScript and Angular2 in VSCode. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to write Angular2 applications on any platform, web, mobile, or desktop.

Pre Requisites: Attendees must have working knowledge of JavaScript

Kdaj: 26. – 28. oktober   Register >>
Kje: učilnica Xnet, Stegne 7, Ljubljana
Kotizacija: 750,00 € + DDV
Rok prijave in plačilo kotizacije: 22. september 2016
Oblika: delavnica s praktičnimi vajami (Hands on Labs)

Course Agenda

Day #1: JavaScript and Typescript


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Who is this course for?
  3. Background and PreRequisites
  4. Course outline and overview
  5. Meet the instructor


  1. History of JavaScript
  2. Why JavaScript is important

JavaScript problems

  1. Globals
  2. Reserved Keywords
  3. Semicolon insertion
  4. DataType confusion
  5. parseInt unreliability
  6. Operators unreliability
  7. Numbers (mis)behavior
  8. With operator, do without
  9. Arrays [are,problematic]
  10. Scoping issues
  11. Understanding closures
  12. Hoisting and bugs that may cause
  13. Using CDNs
  14. Data (un)secrecy and (in)security
  15. this operator
  16. Other issues

JavaScript best practices

  1. Misc. best practices and habits
  2. Performance tips
  3. String best practices
  4. Numbers best practices
  5. Error handling
  6. use strict
  7. Coding conventions

Debugging JavaScript TypeScript

  1. Introductions
  2. What is TypeScript, and why use TypeScript

Developing with TypeScript

  1. Using TypeScript in your project – Visual Studio 2015
  2. Using TypeScript in your project – Visual Studio Code or other editors
  3. How TypeScript fixes JavaScript's shortcomings

Learning TypeScript in depth

  1. Interfaces
  2. Classes
  3. Modules
  4. Functions
  5. Generics

Angular 2

  1. Your first AngularJS2 app
    1. Module Loaders
    2. Components
    3. Typescript
  2. Nested Components
    1. Sending data from parent to child
    2. Raising Events
    3. ViewChild
  3. DataBinding
    1. One way
    2. Two way
  4. Services
    1. Providers
    2. Singleton
    3. Nested components
    4. Dependency Injection
  5. Lifecycle hooks
  6. Observables vs Promises
  7. Routing in Angular2


  1. Setting up your Cordova environment
  2. Structuring your cordova application using Angular2 and TypeScript
  3. Writing and debugging a simple app in Android
  4. Writing and debugging a simple app in iOS
  5. Adding plugins and native device capabilities


  1. Setting up your Electron environment
  2. Structuring your Electron app using Typescript and Angular2
  3. Writing and debugging the app
  4. Packaging and shipping for Mac, Windows and Linux

Lab #1: Common JavaScript Errors and how Typescript helps.

Lab #2: Building a weather app using Cordova and running on iOS or Android.

Lab #3: Building a weather app using Electron and running on Mac, Windows and Linux.



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