SQL Server Query Tuning for Developers

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Oznaka tečaja: PreconSQL22-2

About the seminar:

This seminar is primarily aimed at developers who work on applications and services that use SQL Server databases, but database administrators can also learn useful performance tips and database development best practices. It provides the knowledge, guidelines, and tips developers need to design and manage scalable and high-performing database solutions.

Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • When and how SQL Server uses indices (and when not)
  • How local variables and functions affect query execution
  • Transact-SQL tips to mitigate performance issues (queries using OR statements, user-definied functions, data type conversions, table variables and temporary tables...)
  • Tuning by using query hints
  • Understanding and solving issues caused by Parameter Sniffing
  • Common developer mistakes
  • Dealing with very large tables

After the seminar, attendees will be able to write better queries, will better understand query execution, will make fewer mistakes, and their code will run more quickly causing fewer locking and blocking issues. They will also learn when and why Transact-SQL knowledge can make a big and important difference to a project or a company.

Speaker Miloš Radivojević

Miloš Radivojević is database consultant located in Vienna, Austria. He has been working with SQL Server over 20 years. He is Head of MS SQL Database Engineering at Entain, the world largest online betting and gaming company. He speaks regularly about database design, development and administration at IT conferences and other events. He is also co-author of three SQL Server books: Mastering SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2017 Developer’s Guide and SQL Server 2016 Developer’s Guide.

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