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Oznaka tečaja: PreconSQL22-1


1. Introduction
  • Understanding the importance of having a high-performant solution
  • Where do I start? How to identify the poorly performing area(s)
2. Data Modeling best practices
  • Why is data modeling so important?
  • Star-schema vs flat table
  • Costs of not having a star-schema in place
  • Role-playing dimensions
  • Bi-directional filters
3. Data Model size
  • Understanding the core components of the VertiPaq engine
  • Describing different data compression encoding types
  • Understanding the concept of cardinality levels
  • Describing Auto Date/Time and calculated columns caveats
  • Demo: Reducing Data model size applying various techniques (splitting columns, changing data types, reducing the cardinality levels, etc.)
4. Aggregations
  • Understanding the concept of aggregations in Power BI
  • User-defined vs Automatic aggregations
  • Demo: Create user-defined aggregations, make Power BI “aware” of it, and unleash the full power using the Composite model; Check if the aggregations are being used by Power BI
5. Data refresh process
  • Introduction to the data transformation process
  • Best practices for transforming the data
  • Using Power Query Editor for data transformation
  • Understanding the concept of Query folding
  • Describing the most common scenarios for breaking Query folding
  • Visualizing data refresh process
  • Demo: understand the importance of Query folding by showing the difference in performance between the queries that return exactly the same results: one with query folding, one without
6. DAX Calculations
  • Introduction to DAX calculations as part of enriching semantic model
  • Understanding how little nuances in the DAX query can produce a significant difference in the performance
  • Describing most common mistakes when writing DAX calculations
7. Visuals rendering time
  • Understanding what affects the report rendering time
  • Using Performance Analyzer feature to identify the slowest report elements
  • Best practices for visuals rendering time
  • Demo: redesign Power BI report page to perform 5x faster, without violating the original report design
8. Storage Mode decision
  • Understand the difference between Import and DirectQuery mode
  • Understand use-case scenarios for DirectQuery mode
  • Best practices for using DirectQuery mode
  • Things to avoid when using DirectQuery mode
Speaker Nikola Ilić

My name is Nikola Ilić and I make music from the data. I’m really passionate about everything related to data. I have multi-year experience working with various flavors of data, predominantly with Microsoft’s BI stack. Therefore, I will write in most cases about SQL Server, T-SQL, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Power BI, Azure, etc. But, since I’m really curious by nature and always trying to learn something new, I will also consider writing about other data-related tools and techniques.

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