Introduction to Pentesting Course

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About the course

You will enjoy it! This course serves as an introductory course for performing internal and web application penetration testing. Our course has been developed around professional penetration testing and security awareness in the business and IT fields. During the course you will learn how to pick the right methodology for your project and acquire the skills on how to successfully perform target reconnaissance and get valuable data on the objective.
Later on, we will go through various aspects of Web Application Pentesting and review the key concepts of web app security. We will also familiarize ourselves with Web Application pentester’s best friend: the Burp Suite. Afterwards we will go through the OWASP Top 10 for 2021 to get a better understanding of top vulnerabilities to look for during our work.

During the final stage of the training, we will guide you through various methods of infrastructure penetration testing. We will learn how to determine the attacks scope, discover vulnerable services and configurations. After we have successfully prepared for the pen-test, the next steps will be to weaponize and in this chapter we will undergo the preparation of malicious payloads and reverse shells. As soon as we have gained the access to the target system, we will try various methods of privilege escalation and lateral movement.

To make sure that all participants gain the necessary security concepts and knowledge, our classes have an intensive hands-on labs format and we have prepared tons of exercises that you will be able to perform even after the course concludes, as we will grant you an extra 3-weeks of lab access. The knowledge used to prepare the unique content of this amazing course has been gathered during tons of penetration testing projects done all around the world by CQURE Experts.

The training will allow you to understand the penetration tester’s perspective on security, and learn crucial tools and concepts needed for everyone considering developing their career in penetration testing or cybersecurity in general. Every exercise is supported by lab instructions and multiple tools, both traditional and specialized. CQURE trainers recommend students have some knowledge of security concepts, such as operating system services and architecture. However, all required concepts will be covered throughout the course.

Target audience:

Junior pen-testers and red teamers, Windows network administrators, security professionals, systems engineers, developers, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing infrastructure security.


You should have at least 2-3 years of experience in IT-related job or at least 1 year of experience in cybersecurity field to attend this training.

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