Cybersecurity Master Annual Program

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Oznaka tečaja: CMAP

About the course:

This course is a live, online certification program divided into 12 modules and spread over 12 months.
All workshops are interactive and demo-intensive and eventually equip you with essential cybersecurity skills for Windows systems. Everything based on the newest content to give you relevant industry knowledge.
The Syllabus covers: Securing Windows platforms, System forensics, Pentesting web applications, Hardening Active Directory infrastructure, Implementing privileged access workstation, Implementing secure Azure Active Directory, Understanding malware analysis, Mastering authentication in .NET, Configuring application whitelisting, Empowering the Powershell, Mastering monitoring operations and threat intelligence and Securing SQL server.
Last but not least, you get to learn from some of the best cybersecurity specialists in their field: Paula Januszkiewicz, Mike Jankowski-Lorek PhD, Sami Laiho, Michael Grafnetter, Adrian Denkiewicz, Przemek Tomasik and Piotr Pawlik.

Raise the bar and learn a proper set of cybersecurity skills. Make sure to adjust your white hat properly to the modern cybercrime landscape!

CMAP Formula:

Join our 12 intensive modules and equip yourself with 12 essential cybersecurity skills for Windows systems!

Intensive workshops:

The program consists of 12 modules covering different area of cybersecurity. Each module is live and consists of 8 hours of interactive and demo-intensive workshops on our special interactive platform. A Discord Server will also be set-up for you to receive continuous assistance and support from CQURE’s Experts during the program.

Home-work assignment:

Each workshop will be complemented by pre-work assignment (some reading material that will help you prepare for the workshop), an additional home assignment (e.g., self-study exercises, additional reading materials, labs etc.) and a test. In January 2023, the Final Exam will be performed in a form of a proctored examination.

12-month access:

All of the live workshops will be recorded and accessible for you any time – in case you need to attend some other duties/holidays or simply want to recap. You will have access to each workshop recording for 12 months after the live training.

Best cybersecurity specialists:

You will get to learn from some of the best cybersecurity experts in their field. We run all workshops always with the newest content to give you relevant industry skills. Everything you will learn has been vetted by passionate practitioners from the CQURE team.


You can enroll in separate modules or in the full program. The decision is yours.

CMAP Curriculum:

1. Securing Windows Platform: Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022
  • Defining and disabling unnecessary services
  • Implementing secure service accounts
  • Implementing rights, permissions and privileges
  • Code signing

Instructor: Mike Jankowski-Lorek, PhD

Date: 26.1.2022

2. Collecting and Analyzing Digital Evidence
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Memory: Dumping and Analysis
  • Memory: Indicators of compromise
  • Disk: dumping & analysis
  • Disk: extracting and interpreting evidence

Instructor: Paula Januszkiewicz

Date: 23.02.2022

3. Pentesting Web Applications
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Injections
  • Insecure File Handling
  • Testing API

Instructor: Adrian Denkiewicz

Date: 30.03.2022

4. Hardening Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Modern Identity Attack Techniques
  • Preventing Credential Theft and Misuse
  • Recommended AD Configuration Options
  • OS-Level Credential Protection Features: LSA Protected Process, Credential Guard, and RDP Restricted Admin Mode
  • Detecting Backdoors in Active Directory

Instructor: Michael Grafnetter

Date: 27.04.2022

5. Implementing Privileged Access Workstations
  • Privileged Access Workstations - how and why?
  • Different hardware and VM solutions for implementing PAWs
  • Difference between normal and privileged access
  • Implementing and Managing On-prem PAWs
  • Implementing and Managing Cloud-service PAWs

Instructor: Michael Grafnetter

Date: 25.05.2022

6. Implementing Secure Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD security settings
  • AAD Identity Protection
  • AAD Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
  • AAD Password Protection

Instructor: Michael Grafnetter

Date: 29.06.2022

7. Understanding Malware Analysis
  • Malicious non-exe files
  • Introduction to Static Malware Analysis
  • Behavioral Malware Analysis

Instructor: Paula Januszkiewicz

Date: 27.07.2022

8. Mastering Authentication in .NET
  • Implementing OAUTH 2
  • Implementing OpenID Connect
  • Implementing SAML

Instructor: Przemek Tomasik

Date: 31.08.2022

9. Configuring Application Whitelisting
  • Whitelisting in General
  • Implementing AppLocker
  • Managing AppLocker
  • Troubleshooting AppLocker

Instructor: Sami Laiho

Date: 28.09.2022

10. Empowering the PowerShell
  • PowerShell security and specific hacktools (like DSInternals)
  • Advanced PowerShell course
  • Auditing Active Directory using PowerShell

Instructor: Michael Grafnetter

Date: 26.10.2022

11.Mastering Monitoring Operations and Threat Intelligence
  • Microsoft 365 security from SOC Analyst perspective
  • Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint – EDR story
  • Detection and Response with Sentinel – Let’s attack Contoso network

Instructor: Piotr Pawlik

Date: 30.11.2022

12. Securing SQL Server
  • SQL Server Security Baseline Concepts
  • SQL Server Instance Security
  • Managing Logins & Passwords

Instructor: Mike Jankowski-Lorek, PhD

Date: 14.12.2022

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