Programming Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC Core

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ASP.NET Core belongs to the modern .NET - .NET with open-source code, and Runtimes for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Use of modern patterns allows better performance and flexibility. In this course you will learn the new ASP.NET Core Framework and develop web applications that can be hosted with IIS, Apache, the new Kestrel Server, and other servers. You'll learn how to use ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, Razor Pages, and Real-Time Communication with SignalR.


A minimum of two to three years of experience developing web-based applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft ASP.NET, proficiency in using the .NET Framework, familiarity with basic .NET Core conspets and some familiarity with the C# language.

During the course the students will get e-book from renowned author and longtime speaker: Professional C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 - Christian Nagel

After completing this seminar, participants will have knowledge on the following topics:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Core 2
  • Configuration via JSON, XML Files and Environment Variables
  • Project structure
  • Using NuGet Packages and Script Libraries
  • Dependency injection
  • Customizing Dependency Injection
  • Static files with ASP.NET Core
  • Routing
  • Razor syntax
  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor for single-page applications
  • MVC pattern
  • Creating Controllers
  • Creating models
  • Services in action
  • Create views
  • Model Binding
  • Partial views
  • View Components
  • Tag Helpers
  • Data access with the Entity Framework Core
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Real-Time Communication with SignalR
  • Custom hosting
Hosting with Microsoft Azure

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