Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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About This Course

This five-day instructor-led is intended for IT professionals interested in becoming client-side web developers. who need to get a jump start on all three technologies. The course includes more than 30 exercises, providing a rapid hands-on introduction to the three major client-side languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students should be prepared to cover a lot of ground quickly.

This course covers the same technologies as the retired Course 20480-C: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Like that course, this course focuses on using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop web pages, implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well-structured applications. However, this course does not cover the HTML5 APIs covered in 20480.

Students can take this course on any computer with a web browser. Although it’s not required, we recommend Visual Studio Code as the editor.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for students new to computer programming or experienced programmers who are new to client-side web development.

At Course Completion:

  • Describe the technologies involved in web development.
  • Create HTML pages with links and images.
  • Explain the benefits of CSS.
  • Style HTML pages with CSS.
  • Explain the concepts of objects, methods, and properties.
  • Work with JavaScript variables.
  • Create their own custom functions in JavaScript.
  • Write flow control logic in JavaScript.
  • Write JavaScript code that listens for and handles events, such as mouse clicks and page loads.
  • Create forms with HTML and validate them with JavaScript.
  • Use regular expressions in JavaScript for advanced form validation.

Course Details:

  • Module 1: A Quick Overview of Web Development
  • Module 2: Introduction to HTML
  • Module 3: Paragraphs, Headings, and Text
  • Module 4: HTML Links
  • Module 5: HTML Images
  • Module 6: HTML Lists
  • Module 7: Crash Course in CSS
  • Module 8: CSS Fonts
  • Module 9: Color and Opacity
  • Module 10: CSS Text
  • Module 11: JavaScript Basics
  • Module 12: Variables, Arrays, and Operators
  • Module 13: JavaScript Functions
  • Module 14: Built-In JavaScript Objects
  • Module 15: Conditionals and Loops
  • Module 16: Event Handlers and Listeners
  • Module 17: The HTML Document Object Model
  • Module 18: HTML Forms
  • Module 19: JavaScript Form Validation
  • Module 20: Regular Expressions


  • Basic computer and typing skills.

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