termin_icon Prvi termin: 9.10 - 13.10
confirmed_icon Izvedba potrjena Ne
duration_icon Trajanje (dni) 5
price_icon Cena brez DDV 1.350,00 €
num_of_hours_icon Število ped. ur 45
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About This Course:

This five day course is an in depth hands-on study of HTML5, CSS3 and modern web and mobile development. The course includes detailed hands-on labs and Q&A labs. The labs include multiple projects, including one beginning to end web site.

Audience Profile:

This class is targeted towards the professional developer new to HTML, self-taught HTML developers, graphics designers and those new to HTML development.

At Course Completion:

  • Create HTML5 compliant web pages.
  • Test and validate HTML and CSS code.
  • Create CSS for style pages.
  • Work with experimental vendor prefixes.
  • Work with fonts and CSS font effects.
  • Work with color and color tools.
  • Layout pages and content using DIVs, iFrames and Tables.
  • Add and format images and CSS sprites.
  • Create HTML5 forms.
  • Embed and manage video and audio content.

Course Details:

  • Module 1: A Brief History of HTML and the Web
  • Module 2: Core HTML Elements
  • Module 3: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Module 4: Fonts and Text
  • Module 5: Colors and Backgrounds
  • Module 6: Anchors and Hyperlinks
  • Module 7: Page Layout
  • Module 8: Images
  • Module 9: HTML Forms
  • Module 10: Multimedia


  • While any background in HTML or development is a plus, all you need are basic PC skills and a desire to learn web development.

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