Developing with the SharePoint Framework

termin_icon Prvi termin: 13.12 - 17.12
confirmed_icon Izvedba potrjena Ne
duration_icon Trajanje (dni) 5
price_icon Cena brez DDV 1.250,00 €
num_of_hours_icon Število ped. ur 45
difficulty_icon Zahtevnost Osnovni
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About this course:

This five-day instructor-led course is intended for developers who want to be able to create client-sideapplications with SharePoint Framework. In this course, students will learnabout the new tools needed when developing with SharePoint Framework. Next tothat, JavaScript and its potential pitfalls are discussed, leading into usingTypeScript as typed superset of JavaScript. Students will also be introducedto the JavaScript library React, which is commonly used inside SharePointFramework components. Using all these, previously mentioned, techniques, studentswill learn how to build client-side web parts, extensions, field customizers, … with SharePoint Framework. Finally, students will learn how to include otherJavaScript frameworks, provide unit tests, configure the packaging anddeploying their solutions.

Audience profile:

This course is intended for experienced developers who want to start building solutions with SharePoint Framework. No prior knowledge of JavaScript orTypeScript is required. Knowing your way around SharePoint is advised.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with open source tools Node.js, Yeoman, Gulp
  • Prepare a machine for SharePoint Framework development
  • Work with npm modules inside their project
  • Build client-side web parts with SharePoint Framework
  • Build UI extensions like field customizers or command sets with SharePoint Framework
  • Write and understand JavaScript
  • Use advanced JavaScript patterns like Module and Class
  • Write and compile TypeScript
  • Include other libraries inside their SharePoint Framework project
  • Style their components with Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets)
  • Use the SharePoint REST API inside SharePoint Framework
  • Consume their own webservices within SharePoint Framework
  • Understand and write React with TypeScript
  • Use JSX as a way to create HTML content
  • Style their customizations with the Office UI Fabric
  • Deploy a SharePoint Framework solution
  • Deploy SharePoint artifacts from within a SharePoint Framework solution
  • Consume the Microsoft Graph API from within SharePoint Framework
  • Configure the build process of Gulp

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