SharePoint Online for Administrators

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About this course:

This course will introduce the audience to SharePoint Online Administration in Office 365 and explain and demonstrate the configuration options for SharePoint Online.

Audience profile:

The course is appropriate for existing SharePoint on-premises administrators and new administrators to Office 365 who need to understand how to correctly setup SharePoint Online for their company. The course will also help SharePoint on-premise administrators understand the differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online.


  • No previous knowledge is required to attend this course

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the architecture of SharePoint Online.
  • Have knowledge of all the components in SharePoint Online.
  • Have on hands on experience configuring the components of SharePoint Online.
  • Have hands on experience configuring the options.
  • Work with Site Collections and storage options.
  • Manage user profiles and social profiling.
  • Understand and configure data connectivity in SharePoint Online.
  • Build a taxonomy structure.
  • Understand and configure Search in SharePoint Online.
  • Configure and deploy apps.
  • Understand and define Enterprise content management and data loss prevention.
  • Configure additional options and features in SharePoint Online such as Information Rights Management.

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