Cutting Edge: AI and intelligent Data Processing with Azure IoT in the Cloud and on the Device

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The Internet of Things combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud usage and Edge Computing. In this context data processing in rough environments, bad connectivity or specific security requirements becomes the ‘New Normal’. By that pure cloud solutions with near real-time requirements get harder to build or partly impossible.

With Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge Microsoft addresses these challenges and enables data processing at or closer to the origin of the data.

This Pre-Con session offers an overview and a jumpstart for the technologies and services Microsoft provides for those interested in building intelligent and distributed data processing on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Attendees of this Pre-Con will learn about:

  • Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge
  • IoT Edge on Raspberry PI3 as IoT Edge Device (Setup and connection with IoT Hub and the Azure Container Registry)
  • Quick intro to Docker and Docker Containers
  • From a simple data stream to using a Cognitive Service (e.g. Custom Vision) on the device
  • Provisioning of an (AI) Module on an IoT Edge Device


  • Marcel Tilly is Professor in Cloud Computing at University of Applied Studies in Rosenheim, Germany. During his 13 years at Microsoft he was working on topics around IoT, Big Data, Deep Learning and AI; nowadays, he is looking into cognitive systems. His research focus is on applying various approaches from artificial intelligence to systems in real world scenarios to enable new application domains in industry.
  • Constantin „Kostja“ Klein is working at Syntax Systems GmbH & Co. KG. There he leads the Microsoft Consulting business and is mainly dealing with the design and development of modern solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies. He is especially interested in retrieval, handling and utilization of data and information. More recently he also developed a passion for AI and IoT. Since 2010 he was every year designated Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the Microsoft Data Platform. In addition, he is member of the board of PASS Deutschland e.V. ( and Just Community e.V. (

The attendees are welcome to test the topics practically. In order to do this, they need:

  • Computer/Laptop with Windows 10 or macOS 10.10+ and ideally Admin access in order to being able to install additional software on the device
  • Azure Subscription, in case they have one and want to keep the environment after the event in order to continue to work with it. Alternatively they could also use an Azure Free Account or an Azure PASS. (I’ll try to bring some!)
  • With regard to Software: Ideally they would have Visual Studio Code pre-installed
Early-bird registration until 31st of October: 129,00 €/person
Regular registration after 31st of October: 159,00 €/person

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