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In the field of IT services, the past few years have been extremely busy for our SharePoint department. All of our administration and development efforts have awarded us with the Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content competency. With a team of certified experts, thah includes the only SharePoint MVP in Slovenia and references from numerous domestic and international projects, we can guarantee the highest level of service delivery.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an increasingly popular Microsoft platform meant for the implementation of collaboration portals and it is also an extremely efficient tool for the development of custom software solutions, based on the needs of your business. It enables you to increase productivity by automating business processes and implementing electronic forms to support human resources, accounting and other departments. SharePoint can be used as an effective document system with versioning, that allows us to delegate rights and restrict access to different groups of users. You can also use it to create websites where people from the same work groups, departments, the whole company or even outside people can communicate, exchange information and collaborate by sharing files, libraries and lists. If you are interested in a more detailed presentation of SharePoint, with case studies and best practices, contact us and we will arrange a short informative meeting.

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Portal or website implementation and development of custom solutions

We can implement a corporate SharePoint portal or website and organize training for editors or end users. We are experienced in implementing intranet portals for employee collaboration as well as extranet portals you can use to communicate with clients, partners or suppliers. Portals can be tailored to the needs of your business.

In accordance with the specific needs of a client, various customizations of the SharePoint platform and tailored applications are possible. Examples of custom apps are travel expense monitoring apps, vacation capacity registrations, ...

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Implementation, support and maintenance of necessary infrastructure

When implementing the SharePoint platform into your environment, we can provide consultations regarding the appropriate version and licensing option. We can execute the implementation, including the necessary configuration of the SharePoint Server. If requested, business intelligence (BI) infrastructure can also be implemented. If you lack the necessary resources to maintain this infrastructure yourself, our experts can provide maintenance and user assistance.

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Consultations and assistance on projects

Does your company have it's own SharePoint team, that still requires occassional assistance on more demanding projects? Let our experts come to your aid - they will gladly share their experience and knowledge and recommend best practices. We perform upgrades and migrations to newer version of SharePoint or to SharePoint Online - as part of an Office 365 solution or stand alone.

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SharePoint products and partner solutions

We have developed a couple of proprietary SharePoint solutions, that we can provide to you as part of a wider solution or as stand alone additions to your SharePoint environment. These solutions include apps for travel orders, weather, picture galleries, events, timers, time zones, ...

In cooperation with our partners from abroad, we also offer assistance and support with the implementation of partner products (Webcon, SysKit, Ligthning Tools, KwizCom, Metalogix).


  • When upgrading SharePoint 2010 to 2016, Kompas Xnet has proved itself to be an extremely competent partner. The upgrade and migration of all content and solutions on the AJPES intranet portal was carried out without any problems and in the aggreed upon deadlines. The users were able to carry on using all available services immediately after the migration and they were also very pleased with the new site editing tools. Because of this, we certainly recommend Kompas Xnet to others.

    Marjan Babič - Head of IT, Deputy Director; AJPES Marjan Babič - Head of IT, Deputy Director; AJPES
  • We wanted to use SharePoint as more than just a notification system, libraries, lists and the business intelligence part for our management. Our goal was to use it to support the field of forms for communication inside the entire SaveRE group.
    At our first meetings we made our demands and soon figured out that our requirements can easily be fulfilled with a tool for managing business processes (BPM). Together with Kompas Xnet and their partner Webcon we were able to support the first user processes in a very short amount of time.
    The first successful solutions opened up a wide array of possibilities for supporting a variety of business processes. We are convinced that with the help of the experts at Kompas Xnet, we will be able to find solutions to these processes in a short amount of time.

    January 2015

    Marko Fakin - Director of IT and Avgust Drol - Independent systems developer; Zavarovalnica Tilia PLC Marko Fakin - Director of IT and Avgust Drol - Independent systems developer; Zavarovalnica Tilia PLC



Intranet development

We developed a complete intranet portal on the SharePoint platform, which includes an additional header navigation, keyvisual and other custom web parts in the master page. We also developed various web templates for subsidiaries and teams.


Ministry of Education, Science and Sports

SharePoint services

Development of additional customizations and functionalities (order forms, travel orders ...).

Year - 2014