Charity Web Conference for Victims of Flooding


Charity Web Conference for Victims of Flooding

Charity Web Conference for Victims of Flooding

In early August 2023, Slovenia was hit by terrible floods. The damage is enormous. Many people lost their houses and other property, many roads, bridges and other infrastructure is destroyed. It will take a lot of effort, time and money to remedy the consequences of the floods.

In our MS community, we decided to try to help. We decided to organize a small online conference for charity. The event will take place on August 22nd, 2023.

Your donation of 50.00 € will bring some joy and hope to many people.

For this donation, you get a full day of presentations from renowned international speakers, our friends who immediately volunteered to speak for free. Our international community rocks!

100% of all donations will go to charity. We will publish exactly how much money we managed to collect and where the money went.

Please join us at this charity event. You will learn something, have the opportunity to help people, and enjoy some interactive conversations with international professionals and friends.

Please transfer your donation to our account: SI56 6100 0000 7673 144

  • Transfer Code: CHAR
  • Transfer purpose: Poplave 2023 (Floods 2023)

We would like to ask you for some patience with the conference agenda and any issues with the organization. We are doing this in a hurry, to help people as soon as possible. We will add speakers and draw up a schedule on the fly, as soon as we get session descriptions from our speakers.

Thank you very much in advance!




The schedule is subject to change!

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