Expansion of the IT system

We supplied the customer with hardware and software.

We implemented and configured a backup system and an additional mail server.

Trivandi Chanzo, Great Britain

5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Ashgabat 2017, Turkmenistan

Our team was entrusted with the difficult position of Technical Manager. Their responsibility was the management of the entire Microsoft infrastructure, that was necessary for the smooth operation of the games. Work was carried out from November 2016 until the end of the games in September 2017.

Besides our system engineers, who made sure that the infrastructure was secure and operating smoothly, two of our coworkers were given the role of helpdesk specialists. They were on-site for two months and made sure that the day-to-day issues of end users were resolved quickly.

Year 2016 / 2017


Sava Insurance Company

Migration of e-mail to Office 365

We migrated e-mail to Office 365 and provided assistance with the migration of mailboxes.

Year 2017

Slovene Chamber of Pharmacy

Upgrading the IT system

The project consisted of upgrading the information system, supplying the customer with hardware and software, implementing and configuring Exchange and SharePoint servers and regular maintenance.

Eurodesign for BEGOC, Azerbaijan

1st European Games - Baku 2015

In the middle of October 2014, we were entrusted with a difficult role in the 1st European Games, that took place between the 12th and 28th of June 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Our team of experts worked as Level 3 engineers, responsible for the smooth operation of Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, Lync and Office 365.

Year 2014 / 2015


Upgrading the IT system

We upgraded the company's IT system, which included virtualizing the environment, implementing an Exchange Server, antivirus protection, a backup system and regular maintenance.

Year 2015

Studio Moderna

Implementing an Exchange server

We implemented an Exchange server for 7000 users.

Year 2015

Studio Moderna

Implementation of Skype for Business

We implemented and configured Skype for Business for 7000 users.

Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana

Migration of the Post Server

We migrated the existing Exchange 2010 server into another domain.

Year 2013

Filc JSC

Implementing a Hyper-V environment

We implemented a Hyper-V server in a Windows Server 2012 environment and virtualized a Microsoft Exchange 2013 server for 100 users.

Year 2013

Toyota Adria Ltd.

Upgrading the IT system

The project consisted of numerous parts:

  • The implementation and configuration of the Forefront TMG server.
  • The implementation and configuration of System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 for the needs of the virtual environment security.
  • The preparation of procedures necessary for a partially automated upgrade of computers from Windows XP to Windows 7.
  • The implementation of a two level Certificate Authority environment.
  • The implementation and configuration of a Windows Server 2008 R2 for the needs of RemoteApp services.


Postavitev Hyper-V strežnika z virtualnimi strežniki Windows Server 2008 R2


Banka Koper

BitLocker implementation

We implemented data encryption by using the Windows 7 built-in functionality BitLocker.

Year 2012

Kompas Xnet

BitLocker Implementation

We prepared the environment for an automated encryption of Windows 7 clients with BitLocker.

Year 2012


Infrastrukturne storitve


Ustavno sodišče RS



Fakulteta za upravo, Univerza v Ljubljani

Migracija Exchange 2003 na 2010



Implementing a Hyper-V environment

We implemented a Hyper-V server with virtual servers and migrated the environment from a work group to a Windows 2008 R2 domain (Active Directory, Group Policy, File System, Exchange, ...).

Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana

Upgrading Exchange 2003

We upgraded Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and migrated the mailboxes of 100 users.

Toyota Adria d.o.o.

Infrastrukturne storitve


Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana

Postavitev Hyper-V strežnika in migracija okolja iz Windows 2000 na Windows 2008 R2


Kompas d.d.

Migracija in poenotenje antivirusne rešitve