IT infrastructure services

Today, companies must constantly adjust to the fast-paced change in the business environment, which of course means a constant process of informatization and adjustments of business processes. But carefully planned and organized business processes must of course be supported by an effective and reliable IT infrastructure.

At Kompas Xnet we have a team of specialists dedicated to solutions based on Microsoft technologies, that can rely on their vast amount of experience and deep expertise to help you update, optimize and adjust your IT infrastructure according to your needs.

The implementation and update of IT infrastructure

If your company doesn't have specialised personnel, that can guarantee the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure, we offer you full support with planning, implementing, managing and monitoring your IT environment. At your request, we can also perform an overview of the existing configuration and make suggestions for improvements, that will be tailored specifically to your needs.
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Installation or overhaul of IT infrastructure

With the use of the most modern technologies and approaches, we can take care of the entire process of implementing or updating your IT infrastructure. This includes planning, supplying equipment and all the necessary installations and configurations.
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Management and monitoring

We can manage and support a part of or your entire IT infrastructure. Depending on the terms specified in a systems administration contract, we can perform everything from regular security checks, backups and archiving of data, regular maintenance of your server infrastructure, security policies, antivirus, workstations, and office and communications equipment.
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End user support - HelpDesk

In case of technical issues we offer you fast and reliable remote assistance (via remote desktop, telephone or email) or on-site assistance. HelpDesk covers end-user issues, such as trouble with using Microsoft Office programs, solving hardware, network and other office related problems and fixing minor equipment breakdowns.

Consultations and assistance on projects

If your company has an IT department and would just need some specialist advice or assistance with more complex projects, our team can offer all the help necessary to finish the project. We perform systems integrations, a partial or full transition to the Microsoft cloud and integration of Office 365 and Azure.

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IT support with organizing major events

We can offer you the appropriate IT support necessary for the smooth operation of important events. Our experts have experience from working on major sports events abroad, such as the 1st European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan (2015), and the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (2017).

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Supply and implementation of hardware

Independently or as part of assistance on a project, we can provide consultations in the process of selecting new software and hardware. If necessary, we can also take care of supplying it into your IT environment and perform all the necessary installations and configurations.


  • Hi Branka
    I appreciate the support you gave to my team in Ashgabat and I was aware of the services you provide. I will certainly look for opportunities to work with you again. I will let you know if we are in a conversation with a client where that may be the case.
    With best regards

    Maj 2018

    James Bulley, Chief Executive Trivandi
  • The European Games requires an IT infrastructure that will support the largest sporting event ever held in Azerbaijan. In order to deliver outstanding European Games, BEGOC needed an IT service provider to manage the IT infrastructure and provide technical services. BEGOC have selected Eurodesign CSC - Azerbaijani technology services integrator. To ensure successful delivery of requested services, Eurodesign cooperated with Microsoft, Cisco, EMC and Kompas Xnet companies.
    Kompas Xnet have kindly agreed to support Eurodesign CSC in administration of complex Information System infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies. Having assigned best in class specialists, Kompas Xnet have provided absolutely invaluable support to Eurodesign by making sure that business critical applications and systems like Active Directory environment, SharePoint applications and SCSM systems are properly administered throughout the lifecycle of the project. Kompas Xnet specialists have struck Eurodesign and BEGOC management by their professional attitude towards services delivery, outstanding technical skills and exceptional performance. Here at Eurodesign, we value a significant contribution Kompas Xnet have made to sustain high level of service availability for BEGOC. Effective and successful service delivery for BEGOC has enabled a solid platform for strategic and long-term partnership between the two companies.

    Sabir Hagverdiyev - Service Delivery Manager; Eurodesign CSC, Azerbaijan Sabir Hagverdiyev - Service Delivery Manager; Eurodesign CSC, Azerbaijan


  1. 2015

Prenova informacijskega sistema

Prenova informacijskega sistema, ki je vključevala virtualizacijo okolja in implementacijo Exchange strežnika, antivirusno zaščito in varnostno kopiranje podatkov ter redno preventivno vzdrževanje.

Dograditev informacijskega sistema

Dobava strojne in programske opreme.
Namestitev in konfiguracija backup sistema in dodatnega poštnega strežnika.



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Need assistance?