Terms and Conditions


To register for training, you can use our website www.kompas-xnet.si. The registration form is situated on the page of the selected training under it's description. You can get there by clicking on the desired training in the training calendar. After submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email to the provided address.

The registration deadline for each training is 14 days before it begins.

In case the training or workshops is led by a foreign trainer, registration to the training is confirmed solely by timely payment of the training fee.


You can cancel your training registration only by notifying us in written form at least 5 days before the training begins. If you miss the cancellation deadline, we will be forced to charge you the entire training fee.

In case of trainings and workshops led by foreign trainers, cancellation is not possible after you receive the official confirmation of the training from us by email. In that case, the registration fee is treated as a fee for untimely cancellation, unless you find a replacement attendee by yourself

Execution of training

The maximum number of training attendees is 12, with a minimum number of 6 people in a group. We confirm that the training will in fact take place at least 5 days before it begins. When the training is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the necessary information.

Terms of payment

When the training is confirmed, you will receive an offer via email, that serves as the basis for payment. The registration fee must be payed latest by the date specified in the aforementioned offer to our transaction account 61000000 7673 144.

In case of payment by order form, which you must send us by the time the training commences, we will give you a 30-day payment period.

Microsoft Official Courses (MOC's) can also be paid for by Microsoft SA vouchers, that are provided to you by Microsoft based on your license aggreement.

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Cancellation of training

If, for some reason, the training must be cancelled, we will notify you at least 5 days before the training is supposed to begin. In that case, all payments will be refunded within 5 days of cancellation. If training attendees aggree, we can also transfer their registration to the next available training date.

  • 10% discount for early registrations and payment of MOC's (Microsoft Official Courses) at least 1 month before training begins.
  • 10% members discount for organizations that have trained at least 10 people in our training center in the past 3 years. The discount will be taken into account in all subsequent trainings.
  • Special training packages for registering a large number of people to MOC courses.
  • 15% discount for high school and college students and for people, who are paying by themselves.
  • Loyalty program for our most loyal customers. Collect loyalty points and get a prize at every subsequent training you attend.
  • Volume discount for multiple people from the same organization.
Discount 5%7% 9% 11% 13% 15% 
No. of people 38+ 

The discounts add up to a maximum of 20%. 

Dates and prices

In the training calendar, prices are in € and do not include VAT.

We reserve the right to change the dates and prices in the training calendar without prior notification.

Minor errors in the training calendar are possible.

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