Building Secure Cluster Infrastructure in the Cloud

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Course ID: CMAP13-2024

Module 13

Students will become familiar with all configuration parameters for the Azure Kubernetes Services from the security perspective. Further, they will learn how to plan optimal specification and design to secure cluster infrastructure by going through:

  • Planning and designing the secure cluster infrastructure in Azure
  • Securing DevOps pipeline for AKS
  • Confidential computing with AKS

Predavatelj: Michał Furmankiewicz

    Experienced professional (with 15+ years in business) working in various roles as a consultant, architect and team leader, keen on problem-solving and business enablement through technology. Michał has spent the last 10 years working with various Cloud technologies on the market helping customers to understand the broader concept, build solutions and get the business outcome. He’s very goal oriented and passionate about making things happen including whoever is required to make the job done.

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