• Hi Branka
    I appreciate the support you gave to my team in Ashgabat and I was aware of the services you provide. I will certainly look for opportunities to work with you again. I will let you know if we are in a conversation with a client where that may be the case.
    With best regards

    Maj 2018

    James Bulley, Chief Executive Trivandi
  • Thanks Branka,
    Your guys did a very good job for us on the European Games and I was happy to be able to work with Jože again last year on the Islamic Games. So I will certainly keep you in mind if the opportunity arises once more!
    many thanks

    Marec 2018

    Adrian Corcoran
  • The European Games requires an IT infrastructure that will support the largest sporting event ever held in Azerbaijan. In order to deliver outstanding European Games, BEGOC needed an IT service provider to manage the IT infrastructure and provide technical services. BEGOC have selected Eurodesign CSC - Azerbaijani technology services integrator. To ensure successful delivery of requested services, Eurodesign cooperated with Microsoft, Cisco, EMC and Kompas Xnet companies.
    Kompas Xnet have kindly agreed to support Eurodesign CSC in administration of complex Information System infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies. Having assigned best in class specialists, Kompas Xnet have provided absolutely invaluable support to Eurodesign by making sure that business critical applications and systems like Active Directory environment, SharePoint applications and SCSM systems are properly administered throughout the lifecycle of the project. Kompas Xnet specialists have struck Eurodesign and BEGOC management by their professional attitude towards services delivery, outstanding technical skills and exceptional performance. Here at Eurodesign, we value a significant contribution Kompas Xnet have made to sustain high level of service availability for BEGOC. Effective and successful service delivery for BEGOC has enabled a solid platform for strategic and long-term partnership between the two companies.

    Sabir Hagverdiyev - Service Delivery Manager; Eurodesign CSC, Azerbaijan Sabir Hagverdiyev - Service Delivery Manager; Eurodesign CSC, Azerbaijan
  • We turned to Kompas Xnet because we wanted to replace our company's website ( Before the start of our cooperation, they provided us with a detailed and clear estimate of the costs for the website development. During the project, they demonstrated exceptional professionalism. We appreciate their good and very clear communication, reliable and quick responses and the professional and kind behaviour of employees. Since we were pleased with the implementation of the website, we chose Kompas Xnet when we needed to replace the entire computer network in our company. We are aware that this is an extremely demanding task, because we are a trade business and we cannot afford downtime for our programs. In a very short amount of time, they provided everything we neeeded for the implementation. The implementation itself was performed without complications and in record time all the computers in the company were replaced. They made sure that the work in the company continued without interruptions. The professionalism and support you get from their employees is praiseworthy. We are very pleased and would without a doubt recommend Kompas Xnet to anyone.

    Peter Malalan - Director; Malalan Ltd. Peter Malalan - Director; Malalan Ltd.
  • With their knowledge, experience but especially their openness, the select team of system administrators have become a vital link in our chain of delivering reliable IT solutions.

    January 2012

    Jure Lakota - Regional IT Director; Toyota Adria Ltd. Jure Lakota - Regional IT Director; Toyota Adria Ltd.
  • I wouldn't grade the people from Kompas Xnet in regards to their competence, as they have already done it with their numerous certifications and awards. I would however like to highlight the excellent relationship we have developed and their willingness to help us overcome unpredictable challenges, solve problems and advise us, even after normal working hours.

    May 2011