Configure SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel

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About the course

Get started with Microsoft Sentinel security operations by configuring the Microsoft Sentinel workspace, connecting Microsoft services and Windows security events to Microsoft Sentinel, configuring Microsoft Sentinel analytics rules, and responding to threats with automated responses.


  • Fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Sentinel
  • Experience using Kusto Query Language (KQL) in Microsoft Sentinel

Course content

Create and manage Microsoft Sentinel workspaces
Learn about the architecture of Microsoft Sentinel workspaces to ensure you configure your system to meet your organization's security operations requirements.

Connect Microsoft services to Microsoft Sentinel
Learn how to connect Microsoft 365 and Azure service logs to Microsoft Sentinel.

Connect Windows hosts to Microsoft Sentinel
One of the most common logs to collect is Windows security events. Learn how Microsoft Sentinel makes this easy with the Security Events connector.

Threat detection with Microsoft Sentinel analytics
In this module, you learned how Microsoft Sentinel Analytics can help the SecOps team identify and stop cyber attacks.

Automation in Microsoft Sentinel
By the end of this module, you'll be able to use automation rules in Microsoft Sentinel to automated incident management.

Configure SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel
In this module, you learned how to configure SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel.


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