For IT Professionals

Besides end user training, we also offer a wide variety of advanced trainings and workshops for IT professionals, who need to improve their skills in a certain field or are preparing to get certified.

Most of the trainings we offer are Microsoft Official Courses (MOC), but in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners we also offer some other types of advanced training.

Course of the training

The trainings are held in groups of up to a maximum of 12 people under the guidance of a properly certified trainer. Every participant of the training gets their own training material, a pen, a notebook and a folder to put it all in. During the breaks, refreshments and snacks are provided for. After the training, participants also receive a certificate of attendance and are provided remote assistance with any issues they encounter during the use of the program free of charge for three months after the training.

Training location and duration

IT professional trainings are usually held between 9:00 and 17:00 at our headquarters in Ljubljana. For all training participants, parking is also provided.

More detailed information is provided via e-mail after the training is confirmed to take place.

Current IT Professionals trainings

Microsoft Official Courses (MOC)

Our specialty are trainings in the field of Microsoft technologies, so the majority of our courses are MOC's (Microsoft Official Courses). These can only be performed by MCT's - Microsoft Certified Trainers and organised by a MLP - Microsoft Learning Partner.

We offer Microsoft Official Courses for all the key fields of Microsoft technologies.

Among them, you can find trainings for system engineers, that use technologies such as Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 and others.

For developers, we have trainings for Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, C# etc.

Our trainings also cover the field of SQL Server and SharePoint Server administration.

Most of the MOC's can also be paid for by using SA Training Vouchers (if you have an appropriate license aggreement with Microsoft).

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) are benefits of the Software Assurance programme, which you can use to train yourself in Microsoft technologies by attending MOD or MOD (MOC On-Demand) courses. You can also use them to pay for certifications in Microsoft certified learning centers.
You can check which courses can be paid for by vouchers in the SA catalogue.

How can Kompas Xnet help you attend training for free?
  • With Microsoft's authorization, we can check how many (if any) SATV vouchers your company has.
  • We can consult you with selecting an appropriate training and with the activation of vouchers.
  • If you feel like regular classroom training in not right for you, we can also arrange for on-site training with the use of vouchers.

You can find additional information regarding voucher activation in the SATV FAQs - For Customers.

After activating the voucher, you need to send us the voucher ID and the e-mail address of the person in whose name the voucher was created. This must be done before the training begins.

Microsoft On Demand Courses

Besides standard MOC's (Microsoft Official Courses) our offer contains various Microsoft on demand trainings - MOC On Demand (MOD). They are meant for people who do not like to spend their time in a classroom, but would rather have access to training materials any time they want.

With the purchase of a MOD, you can access training materials 24 hours a day and create your own training schedule based on your available time. These MOD's usually take between 30 to 40 hours to complete and consist of high quality videos, texts, exercises and a knowledge check.

Training packages:
PACKAGE Includes Price for 90-day access Price for 180-day access
MOD Video content
Practice exam
584,00 € 750,00 €
MOD + digital MOC Video content
Practice test
MOC e-book
876,00 € 910,00 €
+ MCT support 1 hour FAQ with a MCT 150.00 €
+ Microsoft exam Voucher for a Microsoft exam 150,00 €

*SATV is calculated based on the duration of MOC's.

If you purchase 3 or more MOD's at the same time, we also offer a volume discount.

3 simple steps to start learning
  1. Select the desired course: From the list of MOD's, select the course and package of your choice and fill in the registration form below. If you have SA Training Vouchers and would like to use them for payment, please send us the voucher ID and the e-mail address the voucher was used for.
  2. Receive a code: Shortly after that, you will receive the registration confirmation to your email address. It will contain the required code with further instructions. The code can only be used once.
  3. Start learning: Create your learning profile and use the Skillpipe eReader to start learning. If the course you would like to take is not on the list, please contact us.
The benefits of learning with MOD
  • MOD was created by leading Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT's) and content experts.
  • The courses have a modular structure.
  • You can complete the training from start to finish or in your own order. That way, you can focus on the most pressing topics with priority.
  • The content is based on regular MOC's that take place in a classroom under the supervision of a MCT.
  • At the end of every module, there is a knowledge check, which can quickly give you an idea of how well you have mastered the topics of the module.
  • High quality videos offer a deep insight into technical details, comparable to regular classroom trainings.

Microsoft LaaS Program

The Microsoft Learning as a Service (LaaS) program is an integrated learning experience that enables you to combine different learning methods and tools that are available at any time.

Today's IT environment is changing and developing rapidly, which requires a new, more sophisticated approach to learning, which includes regular classroom training but combines it with online content, such as videos, texts, exercises and knowledge tests.

We have prepared training packages for you with the most up-to-date content, within which you can decide on any combination of different types of training. This includes studying by yourself through MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and to further deepen your knowledge, you can attend regular Microsoft Official Courses, use MOC On Demands when you have time or have an individual meeting with one of our trainers to answer any questions you might have.

LaaS training packages

  • Cloud Administration
  • IT Support
  • Front-End Web Development
  • Data Science

In association with the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA), we offer you access to short and free MOOC online courses, that were made by Microsoft experts.

After each MOOC course you can take an exam to obtain an official digital certificate, which proves you have the necessary skills in a certain field.

We will gradually expand the LaaS program to include new learning content and packages.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to order a learning package, contact us at or call 00386 1 513 6 990.

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Tečaj priporočam za splošno izobraževanje o oblačni infrastrukturi, pomaga pri razumevanju. Matjaž Dijak - RC IKT
Odziv udeležencev tečaja je bil zelo pozitiven, večina je tečaj ocenila kot koristen. Zadovoljni smo bili z vsebinsko izvedbo tečaja, pa tudi operativno, saj je tečaj potekal na sedežu našega podjetja. Anamari Šuštar - vodja administracije in kadrov Mimovrste
Dober uvod v .NET CORE. Gašper ima jeklene živce in odgovarja na vsaka že tako normalna vprašanja. Matej Škerjanc - Akrapovič d.d.
"Tečaj je bil zelo primeren za spoznavanje SQL DWN. Še posebej koristne so predavatelje izkušnje, ki mi lahko v prihodnosti privarčujejo marsikateri glavobol." Erik Žunec - Comtrade
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Primerna vsebina tečaja, predavatelj vsebino dobro razložil. Prijetno osebje in okolje. Štefan Žerdin - ZZZS

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