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Pre-Conference: Power BI Round Trip in one Day SQL2017

Power BI – Is it THE new Business Intelligence Tool from Microsoft? Is it the holy grail of reporting?

In this whole day workshop, I would like to take you on an expedition into the Power BI jungle: Powerbi.com, Power BI Desktop, Power BI on-premises and Power BI Premium - what are the differences and which tool is the right for which use case?

Stuffed with numerous examples the different aspects of Power BI are demonstrated including their pros and cons. Self-service analysis requirements are compared and tried to fit with enterprise reporting demands. The Power BI journey starts with simple reports, jumps on to data modelling, collaboration, usage of on-premises data, touches administration and concludes with Power BI for developers and future prospects.

During the day, the following topics are discussed:

  • History of Power BI and Self-service analysis
  • Powerbi.com vs Power BI Desktop vs Power BI on-premises vs Power BI Premium
    • What are the differences? Who’s the best choice for what?
    • Dataset – Report - Dashboard
    • Data first – visualization later
    • Data Access modes – Import versus DirectQuery
    • Data Analysis done right (and simple)
    • Ask me anything (about my data-model) – Power BI Q&A
  • Power BI Desktop – Advanced Data Modelling
    • Power the Query & Model the Data (M, Query Folding, Relationships, Functions, Parameters, ..)
    • Best Practices
  • Give the Model more Power – DAX in Action
    • What is DAX?
    • Power BI and DAX?
  • Reports – Beyond the Basics
    • Let’s talk about Drill Down, Filtering, Custom Visuals, Best Practices, Maps, Templates, Advanced Reporting techniques
  • Collaboration / Security / Distribution
    • How does Power BI sharing work?
    • Which Power BI artefacts can be shared?
    • Power BI Groups
    • Is it possible to filter data for certain user groups?
    • Power BI Apps
  • Mobile Experience
  • powerbi.com and on-premises Data
    • What is needed to connect the on-premises and cloud world?
    • Which gateway options are available?
    • Is there an instant data refresh or can it be scheduled?
    • Is there a way of streaming data to Power BI (aka doing Real-Time analysis)?
  • Data Refresh
    • Which ways are available for data refresh?
  • Power BI On-Premises: Power BI Report Server (PBIRS)
    • What is Power BI Report Server?
    • What are the differences between PBIRS and powerbi.com?
    • What are the differences between SSRS and PBIRS?
    • How can PBIRS be licensed?
  • Power BI Premium
    • Why a premium offering?
    • What are the differences between powerbi.com and Power BI Premium?
    • What are the costs and which licenses are required?
  • Licensing and Costs
    • What are the differences?
    • Can Free and Pro licenses be mixed in one tenant?
    • How do I get a Power BI Pro license?
  • Administration
    • What can be administered?
    • Is it possible to prevent certain actions for Power BI users?

    If time permits:

  • Excel and Power BI – best friends?
    • Excel Power Pivot versus Power BI
    • Analyze your Power BI Dataset in Excel
    • Excel Add-Ins – Power BI Publisher
  • Power BI for Developers
    • Power BI REST API
    • Power BI Real Time
    • Power BI Embedded
    • Power BI Custom Visuals
  • Roadmap and Power BI Resources
    • Power BI in the context of the Microsoft Reporting Roadmap
    • Power BI is an extremely agile product – How do I stay up-to-date? What are recommended resources?
    • Power BI community
    • Power BI ideas – “I think XXXX is a great new feature.. But how do I inform the Power BI team about my idea?”

    Wolfgang Strasser

    Wolfgang Strasser creates solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools in his day-to-day job as Business Intelligence consultant. Either using SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, reporting with SSAS and SSRS, implementing Power BI solutions or cloud tools for data analysis - the data-tools-landscape is broadening every day! Based on his professional careers as a software developer he likes to work on structured development processes.

    Wolfgang shares his knowledge with the community at many national and international events. For his community work, Wolfgang has been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Data Platform in October 2015.

    Blog: http://workingondata.wordpress.com
    Twitter: @wstrasser

    Early-bird registration until 31st of October: 119,00 €/person
    Regular registration after 31st of October: 149,00 €/person

    Duration: 9:00 - 17:00

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