Microsoft Official Courses (MOC)

Our specialty are trainings in the field of Microsoft technologies, so the majority of our courses are MOC's (Microsoft Official Courses). These can only be performed by MCT's - Microsoft Certified Trainers and organised by a MLP - Microsoft Learning Partner.

We offer Microsoft Official Courses for all the key fields of Microsoft technologies.

Among them, you can find trainings for system engineers, that use technologies such as Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 and others.

For developers, we have trainings for Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, C# etc.

Our trainings also cover the field of SQL Server and SharePoint Server administration.

Most of the MOC's can also be paid for by using SA Training Vouchers (if you have an appropriate license aggreement with Microsoft).

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) are benefits of the Software Assurance programme, which you can use to train yourself in Microsoft technologies by attending MOD or MOD (MOC On-Demand) courses. You can also use them to pay for certifications in Microsoft certified learning centers.
You can check which courses can be paid for by vouchers in the SA catalogue.

How can Kompas Xnet help you attend training for free?

  • With Microsoft's authorization, we can check how many (if any) SATV vouchers your company has.
  • We can consult you with selecting an appropriate training and with the activation of vouchers.
  • If you feel like regular classroom training in not right for you, we can also arrange for on-site training with the use of vouchers.

You can find additional information regarding voucher activation in the SATV FAQs - For Customers.

After activating the voucher, you need to send us the voucher ID and the e-mail address of the person in whose name the voucher was created. This must be done before the training begins.

Need assistance?
Need assistance?